I don't know about you, but I get really tired of so many sexually suggestive commercials and programs on TV.  In fact, some of the material is not even suggestive it's downright raunchy and in your face. We are constantly hammered with what Hollywood thinks is a sexy man or sexy woman. It seems like less clothing and big body parts are what they believe is sexy. I wonder if they even know what sexy means or if they truly understand the definition. One thing is for sure, Hollywood and the media believe that sexy is only about sex.

When you think of sexy, what comes to mind? Do you think of certain physical characteristics? Do you think of certain clothing? Do you think of certain people; for example certain celebrities? What does it mean for something to be sexy? Webster's dictionary defines sexy as "generally attractive or interesting." If you continue reading you will find “sexually suggestive” is a part of the meaning of sexy but it isn't the major part. "Generally attractive or interesting" is the foundation of the definition for sexy.   

My definition of sexy does not include physical characteristics or clothing or anything like that. Let me tell you what sexy is to me. Sexy is a man who loves God and serves God with all his heart.  Sexy is a man who lets God use him to help others heal from their pain. Sexy is a man who drops everything to pray for me because I am feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about a situation. Sexy is a man who reads his Bible and applies what he reads and takes the time to share what he is learning. Sexy is a man who takes the time to sit with me and hear my wishes and my dreams. Sexy is a man who rescues me when I'm feeling afraid. Sexy is a man who reminds me every day how much he loves me and how much I mean to him. Sexy is a man who honors and respects me. Sexy is a man who I can trust to lead me. And yes, sexy is a man who can be intimate and show me his heart.    

These things are "attractive and interesting" to me and even though they are not related to physical characteristics, the more my husband does these things, the sexier he gets. There isn't a star in Hollywood that can hold a candle to my husband. "He's sexy and I know it!"

How are you doing when it comes to being "sexy?" Are you only thinking of the physical characteristics of yourself or your spouse? What qualities does your spouse have that makes him/her sexy? Do you show your spouse qualities that make you "attractive and interesting?” Today is a good day to show your spouse what "sexy" means to you. 

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