Have you ever had ANTS invade your home? We have…..and it’s no fun.  For some reason, when one ANT appears, you can be sure that are many, many more to follow. 

I remember a time about 6 years ago when we had gone on a trip and asked our daughter to keep an eye on our house.  She would stop by our house every other day and just make sure everything was okay. Well, one night we were resting in our hotel room when we got a panicked phone message from our daughter, “Mom, Dad, call me as soon as possible!” When we heard her voice, we knew something terrible had happened and quickly made the call. “Hi, Bekah, what’s going on?” “You have ANTS!” was her reply. “ANTS?” we asked, “What do you mean ANTS?” “ANTS have invaded your kitchen and they are everywhere! What do you want me to do?” “Get rid of them as quickly as you can,” was our response.

It seemed simple enough for us. There are ANTS inside the house where they don’t belong so exterminate them. This wasn’t rocket science; get rid of them. However, this was not so easy. Bekah cleared out the kitchen cupboards and cabinets and used 3 cans of bug spray to get rid of the little creatures. You would think this would have done the job but it only got rid of the surface ANTS. The hidden ANTS waited for the air to clear and then resurfaced.  When we arrived home a few days later, there were still plenty of ANTS in our kitchen and they were making their way to other parts of the house.  It took drastic measures and about 2 weeks to get rid of them all.  It was a very unpleasant experience.  I remember hearing the exterminator say, “You have to catch these guys when they first start appearing or they will take over in a matter of days.”

As with most things in my life, I related this experience to marriage and what happens in our relationships. ANTS are not a good thing to deal with in marriage. I call ANTS Automatic NegativeThoughts and they can destroy a relationship. Just like with ANTS that invade your home, ANTS in a marriage will take over and before you know it, you have a HUGE problem on your hands.  We have to learn to stop the ANTS, Automatic Negative Thoughts, when they first appear and exterminate them. If we don’t, they will cause a lot of damage and it will take considerable effort to get rid of them. One of the best ways to stop ANTS in a marriage is to immediately counter the negative thoughts with positive ones. This is analogous to spraying bug spray right away on the little creatures! If we will pay attention to what our thoughts are doing, then we won’t have to deal with ANTS on a regular basis and this will help improve our relationships.

Do you have any ANTS in your marriage? What will you do today to exterminate them? Don’t let them take over and control your life. Do something today that gets rid of the ANT infestation!