I can't believe that it is Saturday and I haven't blogged since Tuesday - truthfully, I can't figure out where the time went? I even wrote on my calendar Wednesday to find time to blog - however, when the Outlook reminder popped up, I dismissed it thinking, "I will get to that later. I don't have time right now to think about what I want to say." Well, later never came. Wednesday turned into Thursday, Thursday turned into Friday and Friday turned into Saturday. I had a lot of commitments this week and lost focus in what I had planned to accomplish. I woke up today and looked back at this week and said to myself, "Wow, time flew and some of what I wanted to do got neglected." 

Do you ever feel that way? You have good intentions but those intentions don't get turned into actions.  How does the saying go? "Good intentions pave the road to hell!"  Ouch, that's pretty severe.  But you know what, it's true for so many things in our lives and it's especially true in marriage.  How many times have you gotten so busy that you neglected a part or several parts of your marriage? Maybe you planned to take your wife on a date and before you realized it, weeks turned into months and you couldn't remember the last time the two of you went out alone. Maybe you told yourself to do that "something special" for your spouse, you know, surprise them with a gift or make their favorite dinner but you never got around to doing it.  

If we aren't careful, we can become so busy that we lose focus on our marriage and we stop being deliberate and intentional.  It only takes a little bit of time to begin to slide backwards in a relationship.  Relationships are constantly changing and that means we are either going forward or backward; there is no coasting.  Becoming too busy and neglecting each other means we will wake up one day and wonder what happened.  Why don't we feel connected? Why does everything you do bother me? Why do I only see the negative regarding the two of us?  Someone once said that being busy is Being Under Satan's Yoke. That fits for marriage too.  When we become too busy to spend time with each other and focus on each other, our marriage becomes under Satan's yoke.  

So, how are you doing today? Have you gotten so busy that you have neglected your spouse?  If you have, take a moment right now to refocus.  Decide today that you will not let your marriage "be under Satan's yoke." Make a choice to spend time with the one you love and become intentional with him/her again.