As I stared out the patio door into the yard, I found myself amazed at all the weeds that seemed to “pop” up overnight.  “Hey, Babe, have you looked in our backyard since the monsoon rains started a week ago?”  I don’t even remember what his reply was because I was too busy thinking about getting rid of those weeds as quickly as possible.  The funny thing is that not all the weeds were ugly. In fact, some of them made an attractive addition to the yard. I quickly realized that I could not be seduced by their attraction. They must come out or we were going to regret it. Neglect will find our yards overgrown with weeds in no time at all, and in need of a major work project, sometimes involving outside help.  This led me to think about the weeds that can threaten our marriages.  Taking each other for granted; becoming so busy you don’t have time for each other; putting your children before your marriage; forgetting to appreciate each other; avoiding conflict; not listening to each other……and the list goes on and on.  As I thought about these “weeds,” I recognized how easy it is to let them get overgrown and not even know they are a problem until there are so many “weeds” that the situation seems overwhelming to deal with.  What do you do when you find your marriage full of “weeds?” You begin the project of pulling them up one weed at a time.  That’s what you would do in your backyard – right? The only way to get rid of weeds is to pull them up and yes, they will pop up again without fail but if we handle them when they are just beginning to grow, they are so much easier to get rid of than when they have taken over an entire area. 

“Hey, Honey, do you think we can come together as a team on Saturday and pull up these weeds?”  I asked.  His response made me smile, “That works for me. It won’t take us long if we tackle them together!” When will you do some “weed” pulling in your relationship?