Our Goal

Our desire is to connect you with the “relationship tools” that you need! Each area of service is specifically designed to meet your needs. We help:

  • Dating or engaged couples;
  • Married couples;
  • Pastors and ministry leaders;
  • Business and organizational leaders;
  • Individuals

How We Help

We offer a variety of practical and educational services that are customized to each unique situation. Whether you need a single event such as a class or seminar, or your needs are more complex, The Family Lifeline works with you to define what you need, and then tailor the services to help you successfully achieve your goals. Whether your goal is to:

  • Learn more about yourself;
  • Decide if engagement and marriage is right for you;
  • Solve a crisis or problem in your marriage;
  • Enrich a relationship;
  • Develop effective and satisfying work relationships;
  • Improve the ministry of a church;
  • Or to equip yourself with knowledge and skills for successful relationships.

Contact The Family Lifeline today to discover how we can help your personal and professional relationships to grow and flourish!