Our pre-marital counseling plan helps prepare you to take the great plunge that is marriage.  Would you like to know tools to communicate better?  Steps to a healthy, lifelong intimacy?  Methods of dealing with the challenges of life?  Pre-marital counseling can help you to start your marriage right and make it last "until death do you part."



Our one-to-one individual coaching program will empower you to discover the issues of your past and present and to help you to deal with them in a healthy way.  Individuals who seek wholeness in any relationship will benefit from true health in your own self.


We want to ensure that your soon-to-be marriage will grow into the beautiful adventure it was meant to be.  Our premarital couple-to-couple mentoring equips you to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your best marriage.  Together, with other couples who have been down this road, we will thrive.



Even the best of relationships could use an occasional "tune up."  Invest in your marriage through our marriage enrichment classes to discover the greatness that is what makes marriage worthwhile.  If you are ready to grow, we will help you get there. 



If you have completed at least one premarital education class, Michael and Rebecca Holland can perform the ceremony for your wedding.  As ordained ministers, the Hollands have been instrumental in both preparing couples for marriage and "getting them hitched."


We have found that a little work now can save a lot of heartache later.  That is why we pair couples who have been through the stormy waters of marriage with those that are currently struggling.  Every marriage can use some help from time to time.  Our marriage mentors know just how to listen, respond, and help.



Our marriage programs will aid any church in their mission of healthy communities and families.  We have sponsored many marriage encounters, "date nights," and marriage education events to resource the local church with tools to impact their congregation.



Our experience with the closest of relationships in marriage also applies to the business community.  We have helped to train multiple business clients in organizational leadership, team building, and life skills.  Let us empower your people to succeed!